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Bumper stickers


You are invited to imagine and create a Bumper Sticker

Research, design, and create stickers that express your feelings about

gun violence. 

You can get a free blank bumper sticker from the  Fund 

or buy your own blank 10 x 3" labels.

Check out our DESIGN  page to learn more about how to make strong messages.





Paint Brushes with Paint on Them


Once you are ready select the medium of your choice & create!

permanent marker

acrylic paint

spray paint

color printer

or any waterproof media



The Knotted Gun, is a bronze sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd


with permission stick it where others will notice it

take a picture and post it on social media


Enter your work into the

Kids and Other Living Things Art Exhibit

Cash prizes

Deadline 12.15.22

Prize categories include:

Elementary, Middle, High School, 

Adult, & Professional Artist

Art Teachers of winning students

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