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"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

When you wake up in the middle of the night and think, "There must be something I can do about Gun Violence..."
Consider expressing your feelings through ART & DESIGN.

During the 60's concerned people got together around a dining room table and imagined how they could help stop the Vietnam war.

In 2022 another group of concerned people got together around a different dining room table and imagined how they could use the power of art and design to help stop senseless gun violence. Design Matters was formed by folks who believe that through the arts and design, we can create a better, constructive and safe future if we think creatively, use our imagination, are courageous, selfless, willing to educate, and committed to making our community, country, and the world a safer place for all.

Here it is.

Now it's your turn to design stickers, signs, tee shirts, or zines that protest gun violence.


another mother

Another Mother for Peace was founded in 1967 “to educate women to take an active role in eliminating war as a means of solving disputes between nations, people and ideologies.”

In 1965, Lorraine Art Schneider created a tiny etching called “Primer” for an exhibition of miniature etchings at the Pratt Institute of Art. At the time, she had no idea that her work, a childlike sunflower with the words “war is not healthy for

children and other living things,” would become one of the most powerful and enduring pieces of protest art from the last century.

Lorraine donated all rights to her image to  Another Mother for Peace, which used it on posters, medallions, and other items to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the anti-war effort.


Forever thanks to Lorraine's daughter,Elisa Kleven for allowing us to reimagine her mother's design.

who we are

The Fund 4 Design & Art Education 

furthers the creative development of Miami-Dade art students by providing art materials, guidance, and financial assistance.

We'd like to expand that mission to include providing opportunities for advancing social justice issues such as Gun Violence through artistic expression.

Since 2013 the Fund has provided Isaiah Scholars with over $200,000 for their post-secondary education and awarded hundreds of AMAZING Sketchbooks to K-12 art students.

The Fund operates under the auspices of the 

Dade Art Educators Association a 501(c)3.


     what can you do?    

t shirt kid.jpg

show off

Zazzle is an online marketplace with made-to-order customizable products. Upload your gun violence message to personalize T-Shirts, Mugs & Gifts With Your own design. You can also order one of our designs.

design a sign or sticker

Brainstorm and create a strong message that conveys your feelings about gun violence. Your design should be eye-catching and displayed so that people can see and think about it. You may decide to share your designs through social media and submit them to our art show.

zine 2.jpg

make a zine

A zine is a self-published, non-commercial print-work that is typically produced in small, limited batches.  Zines are created and bound in many DIY ways, but traditionally editions are easily reproduced—often by crafting an original “master flat,” and then photocopying, folding, and stapling the pages into simple pamphlets. After you make your zine make sure to share your copies with decision-makers.

our partners


about design and gun violence before you begin creating your design


designs for

yard signs

bumper stickers


tee shirts


your design by displaying your sign or bumper sticker, on social media,

or mailing your zine to decision-makers


the art show to be eligible exhibit your work & win cash prizes

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